ANU is the most powerful platform for social activism in Israel. With a growing community of 100,000 members, we run campaigns targeting Israel’s most pressing social issues. Our vision is a vibrant democracy where civil society is Empowered and where Israelis have faith in their own ability to make an impact.

Our Focus Areas & Values

ANU is a multi-issue organization and our work is broad and systemic. Our campaigns can range from re-paving a service road to revolutionizing the national healthcare system.

We are guided by a set of core values and principles: social justice, gender equality, economic fairness, inclusion and diversity, and environmental sustainability. Currently, we are running campaigns focused on:

  • Promoting Women and Minorities in the Media
  • Advancing the Movement for Affordable Housing
  • Improving Early Childhood Education (i.e.: smaller classes & teaching assistants in kindergartens)
  • Increasing Arab Employment in the Israeli Corporate Sector Advocating Workers’ Rights
  • Ensuring Transparency in Government Policy regarding Natural Gas


ANU is a nonprofit organization that empowers Israeli civil society to take action by leveraging the collaborative power of activists working together to advance striking socioeconomic issues for a more egalitarian and inclusive Israel. Our aim is to amplify the diverse voices and perspectives from within Israeli society; to increase the capacity of civil society to impact decision-makers and legislators; and to deepen the sense of civic responsibility among Israelis, mobilizing them to become part of the solution.
Media and technology are revolutionizing democracy around the world. Public participation, community organizing, information sharing and activism are rapidly evolving thanks to new tools and innovations that are yielding powerful results. As a leader in civil engagement in Israel, ANU understands this global trend and the importance of developing and adopting these resources to promote a more vibrant democracy in Israel.

How do we do it?
ANU partners with Israeli activists, NGOs, coalitions, grassroots movements and change-makers from all walks of life to run strategic campaigns, helping them to raise public awareness around a particular issue and advocate for change. Using our expertise and unique set of “digital activism tools”, we help bring their interests to the decision-making table. We run both large-scale, long-term campaigns with national impact, as well as many smaller-scale campaigns with a more immediate or local impact. ANU works closely with our partners to determine each campaign’s goal, mission, messaging, tactics, timeline and target audience.

ANU’s tools include:

  • Grassroots community organizing
  • Coalition-Building
  • Strategic planning and consultation
  • Online platform and website
  • Media training workshops for activists and leaders focused on improving communications
  • Strategic media and PR work, using both social and traditional media
  • Evaluation tools to gauge the campaign’s success

ANU is a non-profit organization. We rely entirely on donations and need your support to promote democracy and ensure that Israeli civil society is empowered and active.

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For Bank Transfers to ANU Account in Israel 

Bank Name: Bank Leumi 
IBAN: IL88 0106 2400 0001 1640 021 
Branch: 624 
Account Name: ANU – Making Change 
Account Number: 11640021 
Official receipts will be issued and sent to each donor upon receipt of the gift. 

Thank you. With so many worthy initiatives from which to choose, your generosity is greatly appreciated. 

For more information about what we do please see our annual reports:

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