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ANU-Making Change resulted from a merger between three nonprofit organizations: Agenda, Hasdera, and Uru, that gave different solutions for engaging the Israeli in public policy, through the traditional and new-media, and joined forces in 2013.

The merger was recognized in the third sector as a bold move, proving that real cooperation is possible and that people and resources can be aligned for the common good. In this process, a new, highly committed and energetic board of directors was established. ANU became a leading entity offering a range of effective, efficient and professional campaign and organizing tools to that are essential to impact sustainable social change in Israel.


To promote a vibrant and influential civil society where every citizen has the ability and power to lead change, for a more inclusive and equitable society.


Democracy is being challenged by polarization, inequality, and social injustice. At any given time, there are a multitudes of pressing social, political and economic issues that affect Israeli society at large. There are many areas where Israelis desperately want to see change occur, but are not sure how to navigate the system to get their message across or ensure their voices are heard. At ANU, we understand that civic engagement and public participation are critical for a healthy, cohesive and democratic society.

Our Values

All of our work is guided by core principles of social justice, gender equality, economic fairness, inclusion and diversity, and environmental sustainability.

Our Team

Anat Mufkadi - CEO
Entrepreneur and social activist. Established and managed the employment centers of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs on behalf of JDC-Israel. One of the founders of the Jerusalem movement and the first CEO, worked in the Knesset and the government in a variety of management and consulting positions.

Yoni Blasbalg - Deputy Director , Digital and Community Director
Yoni is a social activist and programmer. Yoni has a BA in computer science from BGU and a Master’s degree in political science.

Resource Development Manager‏ - Jake Kornblatt
Jake made aliyah in 2014 to work as the Director of Overseas Partnerships at Athena Fund, an Israeli nonprofit that provides computers and techno-pedagogical training to Israel's teachers. Before making aliyah, he taught special education as part of Teach for America in New Jersey and Philadelphia. He's also worked in the Israeli FinTech and digital marketing worlds. Jake sits on the board of American nonprofit Beat the Streets Cleveland as Board Secretary. He holds a BA in Sociology and Spanish from Case Western Reserve University and an M.Ed in Urban Education from the University of Pennsylvania.

Yael Levanon - Community and Content Development Manager
Yael has a BA in Sociology from Hebrew University and a Master’s degree in Organizational and Community Sociology from the University of Haifa. She also has a diploma in Group Facilitation from Bar-Ilan University.

Maly Shamay - Accounts
Miri Festman -
Administrative Manager
Meytal Bason - Technology and Digital devices Coordinator
Liat Glantz - Coordinator of the Coalition for Early Childhood Education
Michael Raphael - Coordinator of the Mediterranean People
Yehuda Eisikovits - Project Coordinator - IDEALIST

Anat Mufkadi


פז כהן

Yoni Blasbalg

Deputy Director

Yael Levanon

Liat Glantz

Jake Kornblatt

Michael Raphael

Meytal Bason

Maly Shamay

Our Model

ANU is a leading partner in many of Israel’s most prominent social change movements. We partner with Israeli activists, grassroots movements, NGOs and other organizations in the field. Our model enables us to bring individuals and organizations from different backgrounds, ideologies, races and ages to work towards shared goals. Together, their power is amplified, which enables them to lead change. ANU runs both large-scale, long-term campaigns with national impact, as well as many smaller-scale campaigns with a more immediate or local impact. Many of our campaigns have gained national recognition and have led to reforms in education, early childhood, competition in the banking system, direct employment and more.

We have significant expertise in developing and deploying digital tools and innovative organizing methods, to leverage people’s collaborative power, raise awareness, advocate and influence decision makers to create change.  Our unique platform offers tools and strategies that strengthen the public’s ability to make change and expand the circle of people engaged and working together for the common good. This allows local leaders, individual activists and non-profit organizations to run and win ‘people powered’ social change campaigns.

ANU’s tools include:
•    Grassroots community organizing
•    Coalition-building
•    Strategic planning and consultation
•    Online petition platform 
•    Media training workshops for activists and leaders focused on improving communication skills
•    Strategic media and PR work, using both social and traditional media platforms/networks
•    Evaluation tools to measure progress and gauge the campaign’s success

What we do

ANU is a multi-issue organization and our work is broad and systemic. Our campaigns can range from re-paving a service road to revolutionizing the national healthcare system.

Med People

for marine reserves

אנשי הים התיכון

Women’s Activist


Early Childhood




Early Childhood Education

The Coalition for Early Childhood Education assembles influencers, academics, parents and care giving professionals from the entire spectrum of Israeli society to take action to improve the quality of early care in Israel for children under three. Today, with a community of over 65,000 followers, it grown to become a cohesive movement comprised of every major player in this field in Israel, including 30 leading early childhood experts from Arab society. Over the past two years, we have made significant progress advancing the quality of early childhood education and care in Israel. In addition to the consolidation of a cohesive bottom-up movement bringing together diverse member of Israeli society including secular, religious, Arab-Israelis and Haredim, key milestones include major commitments from the Ministry of Welfare, including; investment of NIS 700 million in the construction of more than 200 new daycare centers covering at least 30,000 additional children; an increase in the salaries for caregivers and cooks by NIS 300-400 per month; and Knesset reform, passing the Council for Early Childhood Law in July 2017. The implications of this reform are unprecedented as it implies that one body will take responsibility for early childhood education in a holistic manner, including education, nutrition and other needs.

Protest on June 18

Women’s Activist Forum: “Achot, Shtayim, Shaosh”

ANU’s Women’s Activist Forum aims to consolidate a visible and influential feminist activist community in Israel that takes action in solidarity for joint causes. The Forum assembles opinion leaders, women’s organizations, grassroots groups, students and more. Forum participants will be advocates in a broad array of issues including fair and direct employment, preventing sexual harassment and supporting victims of abuse and domestic violence, and social and economic security. We aim to build a sustainable infrastructure for women activism, and to amplify their work by providing a unique opportunity to collaborate and support each other using strategic and technological tools that will bring momentum, increase their visibility, engage more people, change behaviors, influence decision-makers and ultimately bring about policy reforms on the most striking issues affecting women and girls in Israel.

Contract Workers Collaborative Action

In 2017 ANU’s Coalition for Direct Employment formed a strategic partnership with Shutafot, a coalition of feminist organizations working together to promote economic equality for all women in Israel. Together, we will utilize the upcoming local elections in October 2018 to advance the issue of employment rights for women in caretaking service professions within local authorities, through training local activists and workers, increased public awareness on the need for Direct Employment, obtaining public commitments from candidates, and implementing operational strategies for direct employment and/or improvement in employment conditions. The project aims to increase rights awareness for female workers in caretaking and service professions, through campaigns, dissemination of information, local activists and direct workshops. In addition, we will advance national legislation to minimize contract employment in caretaking fields. The collaboration will leverage the capacity of each coalition in order to maximize the impact of each participating organization.

Mediterranean People for Marine Reserves

In 2018, ANU launched a large partnership initiative to protect Marine Reserves in Israel. One of the building blocks of the Marine Protected Area (MPA) or Marine Reserve initiative is the development of local constituencies to support the establishment and enforcement of each marine reserve. These will work collaboratively with the SPNI and INPA led process to achieve statutory approval of each marine reserve. ANU will facilitate, coordinate and guide, in collaboration with environmental organisations, the establishment of a network of marine communities that put marine protection and specifically, the establishment of marine reserves at the centre of their activity.

Integration of Arab Teachers

For a second year, ANU is continuing to support Merchavim in its efforts to promote the integration of Arab teachers in Jewish schools in English, Mathematics and Science across Israel. In 2017, our campaign led over 1,000 teachers to apply for the program and we quadrupled the number of Arab teachers integrated into Jewish schools. In view of these successful results, we re-launched this campaign together with Merchavim in April 2018. In the first two weeks, the campaign has reached over 30,000 online users and generated 50 leads. We intend to promote the campaign in print media and education journals in order to reach more principals of Jewish schools, as well as initiating a regional campaign targeting different areas across Israel.

Promoting Transparency in Local Authorities

ANU established a powerful coalition of the 16 most prominent leaders in this field including; The Freedom of Information Movement, Lobby 99, Transparency International Israel, 100 Days of Transparency, Success Association, Municipal Index, Social Guard, Public Information Workshop, Citizen Empowerment Center , Ma'as, The Seventh Eye, The New Public and the Israel Democracy Institute. We believe that increasing transparency and access to information including income and expenses, conflicts of interest, is crucial to increase the public’s trust in the system, hold government officials accountable and tackle corruption. The coalition is working closely with the Ministry of Interior, which is responsible for the local authorities, to demand that the principles of transparency that bind the Ministries be applied to the local authorities.

“Mekomiyot 2018”

Women’s voices are alarmingly underrepresented in local authorities. As of 2016, women represented only 14% (341) out of about 2400 City Council members; and only 2% (6) out of 257 Mayors. At the national level the situation is better, yet it still far from balanced, with only 27.5% of the Knesset Members (MKs). In partnership with “We Power”, ANU supported the establishment of “Mekomiyot 2018”, an unprecedented collective effort of over 25 organizations and hundreds of volunteers from all sectors of civil society across Israel to work together to increase the participation of women in the next municipal elections on October 30th, 2018. Research suggests that advancing women in the political arena will result in a gendered approach to policy issues, thereby helping to address the root causes of the challenges faced by women and girls in Israel. The collective campaign will influence candidates of local municipalities to place women in real positions on electoral lists and encourage more women to run.

Diversity in the media

The media is one of the most powerful tools we have to influence the public debate. We believe that by diversifying the media, we are increasing tolerance and solidarity, countering negative stereotypes and promoting equality through fair representation, for a more inclusive and shared society.


אנשי הים התיכון





Developed in partnership with Sikkuy, A-List is an online braintrust of Arab experts in a wide range of issues, designed to be used by the mainstream media. The project has received significant national and international media attention, as well as widespread coverage in the Arab media in Israel. Currently, A-List's website contains the profiles of more than 200 Arab groundbreakers and leading experts in various fields, from high-tech, to arts, business and medicine. Since its launch, we have provided strategic media training to more than 100 Arab experts. A-List has proven to be an effective tool to change attitudes and encourage journalists and media professionals to reach out to more Arab sources on an ongoing basis. A-List is also being used on an ongoing basis by the academia and the corporate sector when looking for experts, board members, speakers or employees. The project has generated an important debate on Arabs in the media and elevated the issue to the public discourse. As a result of our collaborative efforts, we have seen a significant increase in Arabs citizens’ participation as speakers and commentators, and Arab representation in the media increased by over 100%!


Launched in February 2018, Lista was established in partnership with the Chamber of Women Journalists, a network of over 400 women from the Israeli media working to promote gender equality in the press. The project aims to close gender gaps and promote equality and diversity in the Israeli media by ensuring that women are not absent from the public debate. Lista currently offers more than 100 female experts (including Charedi, Arab and Ethiopian women) in a wide range of fields including medicine, security, gender, high-tech, law, foreign policy, education and more. The database is already being used by major media networks to locate women sources.


In 2017, in partnership with the Charedi Information Center (CIC), ANU established a database of Charedi experts. We believe that Idealist will create a platform for Charedim to raise their voice, be present in public debates and take an active part in the national dialogue, thereby countering negative stereotypes, for a more inclusive and tolerant shared society in Israel. Idealist currently features more than 70 Charedi experts in various fields such as medicine, science, technology, education, foreign relations, the arts and more – subjects where Charedim are not typically heard. Strategic media training workshops are provided for experts in order to increase their capacity to give effective interviews, write op-eds and speak at conferences and panels.


After winning a tender from The Ministry of Justice, in May 2018 ANU launched Toplist, an online database of Ethiopian-Israeli experts. Replicating our highly successful model, the project is designed as a tool for media professionals to easily identify Ethiopian speakers and sources, countering discrimination and negative stereotypes by increasing their presence and influence in the public debate. We recently held our first strategic media training workshop, strengthening experts' communication and writing skills, and increasing their capacity to give effective interviews, speak at conferences and on panels.. The project has already received coverage on Israel’s major media networks including Channel 10 and Channel 7.


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Equal Opportunity Employer Policy

ANU - Making Change Ltd. is committed to a comprehensive policy of equal opportunities in employment in which individuals are selected and treated on the basis of their relevant merits and abilities without regard to race, religion or belief, color, sex, age, national origin, disability or sexual orientation and are given equal opportunities within the company. The aim of this policy is to ensure that no job applicant or employee receives less favorable treatment on grounds not relevant to good employment practice.